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Product: LG LW8016ER reviewlg lw8016erlg lw8016er

Price: $234

Capacity: 8000 BTU

Warranty: 1 year comprehensive

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10

LG LW8016ER Product overview

LG LW8016ER is a window air conditioner. Its capacity is 8000 BTU. It’s a cooling only model. It’s a plane white color unit with blower on the top left and center and control on the top right.

LG LW8016ER Specifications at a glance

LG LW8016ER cooling capacity is 8000 BTU. This is sufficient to cool around 340 sq. ft. of area. It consumes 660 watts. Its EER ( energy efficiency ratio ) is 12.1 which is cooling capacity to power consumption ratio. This makes it pretty efficient. CEER (combined energy efficiency ratio) which takes into account the energy used while the air conditioner is running as well as the standby power used when the unit is not running but is powered on is 12. Dry air flow is 220 CFM (cubic feet per minute ) Indoor sound level are 54 db which is not in the league of split type air conditioner but pretty silent for a window air conditioner. It uses R32 refrigerant which is environment friendly and efficient.

LG LW8016ER Features

LG LW8016ER comes standard with remote control. Other features include auto restart, energy saver function, on/off timer, filter alarm function. It has 3 speed cooling. Air deflection is 4 way. It has a rotary compressor. Net weight of the machine is 58 lbs.

Being a window air conditioner

LG LW8016ER is fairly simple to install compared to a split type air conditioner. Compressor is there within the unit only. So you don’t need to assemble the indoor unit or fan unit with the outdoor unit or condenser. Yes there are some vibrations and noise because of condenser being built within the blower unit only. But these are also well within the limit only for a window air conditioner. Being a window air conditioner it is also much more reliable and efficient than a portable unit. Cost is also pocket friendly which makes it a very good option.



  • Easy to install
  • Good pricing
  • Low on power consumption
  • Efficient
  • Silent for a window unit
  • Environment friendly R32 refrigerant used
  • LG reliability


  • Average build quality
  • No heating

Final Words:

LG LW8016ER is cheap to buy and low on power consumption. So we can easily make out that it’s an efficient and pocket friendly machine. It cools well and fairly quieter from window air conditioner standards. It uses environment friendly R32 coolant. LG is a reliable brand. Unlike an central air conditioning system if there is a problem in this machine it won’t affect the entire house but only the room this particular air conditioner is catering to. Agreed build quality is little flimsy but it is still very much acceptable at this price point. Last but not least is it’s fairly easy installation. So if you have a window to  instal it this is one of the better bet. Absolutely recommended product.

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