Hitachi Kashikoi 5100X Review – A Smart Choice

hitachi kashikoi 5100x

Hitachi Kashikoi 5100X Review There are so many different kinds of air conditioners available in the market these days. But everybody wants an air conditioner that has a solid cooling, excellent Energy Efficiency, reliability of a solid brand and that comes at an affordable price. Does Hitachi Kashikoi 5100x fulfill all these requirements? In this … Read more

Hitachi AC Review – A True All Rounder

Hitachi AC

Hitachi AC review Hitachi ACs are considered to be one of the most premium and feature-rich air conditioners in India. Since 1952, Hitachi cooling and heating Technology has been helping make life more harmonious for people around the world. Johnson controls Hitachi air conditioning is a joint venture company of Johnson controls USA and Hitachi … Read more

Sanyo AC Review – A Worthy Contender

Sanyo AC Review   Do you want to purchase an inverter AC with highly advanced features? Various companies offer a myriad of products with different types of features and advantages. Since there are plenty of options available, choosing a product that fits your unique needs becomes a difficult task. You might have heard about Sanyo … Read more

Voltas 183V DZU Review – A True Analysis

voltas 183v dzu

Voltas 183V DZU Review Most people are interested in buying a split AC with sophisticated technology and latest features. The price is also an important consideration for many people. Do you think that Voltas 183V DZU AC is a smart choice? This review analyzes the pros and cons of Voltas 183V DZU in a detailed and honest way.  Voltas … Read more