Daikin AC Review – The Complete 1.5 Ton Split AC Range

This article is about Daikin AC review so today we will have an in depth look at the entire 1.5 ton split AC range. Daikin is one of the most premium and leading manufacturer of advanced and high-quality air conditioning solutions for all kind of applications be it residential, Commercial or industrial. As world’s leading air conditioning provider, Daikin is committed to producing air conditioning solutions that improve the quality of life throughout the world. Daikin AC is perhaps one of the most popular and sought after air conditioning solution in the Indian air conditioner market. There are so many 1.5-ton air conditioner models in the Daikin airconditioning range. It includes inverter models and fixed speed models. Also, it includes model throughout the BEE star range i.e. Five stars, four stars, three stars, two star models. I have compiled here a list of some of the most important and popular Daikin AC models for every kind of need.

Important Daikin AC Models

1.Daikin AC 1.5 ton 5-star Inverter split (JTKJ50TV16U)

Capacity: 1.5 tondaikin ac

BEE star rating: 5 star

Type: Inverter split

Area coverage: 150 to 180 square feet

This is top-of-the-line most premium ultimate air conditioner from Daikin. This Daikin AC 1.5-ton model has a BEE is star rating of 5. This air conditioner has an inverter based compressor. This is a  cooling only model. it can cover the rooms of up to 150 to 180 square feet easily.

As this is the top of the line series, this model is packed with many useful features. This is an inverter based model that means its compressor can run on variable speeds. This results in huge power saving also because of increased speed of compressor this model can cover a larger area compared to a standard 1.5-ton air conditioner.

Other useful features are patented steamer discharge, Coanda airflow, quiet operation, Intelligent eye and power chill feature. Streamer discharge reduces bad smell and unwanted viruses with the help of Plasma discharge which contains negative particles. This technology maintains good quality air inside the room. Coanda air flow helps in cooling the room uniformly by sending the air through the roof. Power chill operation runs the fan and the compressor at full speed for 20 minutes for faster and powerful cooling. This feature is very helpful in extreme heat conditions.

The cooling capacity of Daikin JTKJ50TV16U is 17100 BTU. This is Expendable up to maximum 20500 BTU. This will easily cover the area of up to 180 square feet. Power consumption is 1315 watts. Power consumption at maximum load is 1700 watts. These figures make it one of the most efficient and power saving air conditioner not only in Daikin but among all the brands.

ISEER is the most evolved method for measuring the efficiency of an air conditioner these days. It measures the energy efficiency of air conditioner Based on the weighted average of performance at different outside temperature based on Indian weather data. ISEER of this machine is 5.2 which is very high and makes it 5-star machine according to present BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency standards.

This is a very silent machine. The indoor unit sound level Is just 28 decibels at silent mode. The air conditioner is able to operate in the ambient temperature of up to 50-degree centigrade which is very good even in Indian summers. This machine uses environment-friendly and most efficient R32 refrigerant.

This air conditioner has everything. It is loaded with useful features, has one of the most energy efficient industry-leading power consumption figure, expendables cooling which is 15% to 20% more than a standard 1.5-ton air conditioner and premium Daikin reliability. If you can afford it this is perhaps the best 1.5-ton air conditioner from Daikin or any other brand for that matter.


daikin ac


2.Daikin AC 1.5 ton 4-star Inverter split (FTKP50TV16U)

Capacity: 1.5 tondaikin ac

BEE star rating: 4 star

Type: Inverter split

Area coverage: Up to 160 square feet

This is a very popular model from Daikin AC. This is an affordable alternative to JTKJ series. It is air cooling only model. This inverter based model has a BEE star rating of 4 Stars. It can cover the areas of up to 160 sq feet.

Key features of this model include 3D air flow, indoor unit quiet operation, Coanda airflow, Power chill operation And PM 2.5 filter. 3D airflow distributes cool air uniformly throughout the room. Coanda airflow distributes the air through the roof for even and most pleasant  Cooling. Power chill operation runs the air conditioner at highest speed for 20 minutes for faster initial cooling and quick relief from extreme heat conditions. PM 2.5 filter traps fine particle of even 2.5 microns in width.

The inverter-based compressor of this air conditioner can reduce its speed if the load is less and less cooling is required therefore resulting in lots of power saving compared to a fixed speed model.

The cooling capacity of FTKP50TV16U is 17100 BTU. The standard for a 1.5-ton machine is 18000 BTU.  Power Consumption at full load is 1680 watts but this would reduce if the cooling load put on the machine reduces. ISEER  rank is 4.17. This is a very respectable figure and makes it 4-star machine according to current BEE star rating standard.

The indoor unit sound operation is 35 decibel at silent speed and 45 decibels at high fan speed. The machine can operate into the high ambient temperature of up to 50-degree centigrade. It uses environment-friendly R32 refrigerant.

This machine with premium Daikin reliability, decent amount of power saving and lots of useful features at an affordable price for a 4-star Inverter air conditioner makes it a very sensible choice.


daikin ac


3.Daikin AC 1.5 ton 3-star Inverter split (FTKL50TV16U)

Capacity: 1.5 tondaikin AC

BEE star rating: 3 star

Type: Inverter split

Area coverage: Up to 160 square feet

This is Daikin AC  3 star inverter model. This is a very important model in Daikin Inverter range. If you are looking for a 3-star inverter model from Daikin you can opt for this model.

This model has all the important features of Daikin inverter series like Indoor unit quiet operation, power chill operation, Econo mode, coanda air flow, dust PM2.5 filter.

This air conditioner is also flexible in nature as it has an inverter based compressor and it can vary it’s cooling and power consumption according to the Load put on it by surrounding conditions.

Full load cooling capacity of Daikin FTKL50TV16U is 17100 BTU. Half load cooling capacity is 8500 BTU. With these cooling capacity, it can easily chill the areas of  Up to 160 square feet. Power consumption full loaded 1752 watts. The power consumption half load is 615 watts. ISEER (Indian seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of this model is 3.7. This is a very good figure. BEE ( Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has given it a 3-star rating.

Indoor unit operation sound is  45 decibel and 35 decibels in high and silent mode respectively. Maximum operating ambient temperature is 50 degrees centigrade. Air conditioner comes with R32 refrigerant.

This is a very important model as a stepping stone into Daikin inverter series of air conditioners. In spite of being the cheapest model among Daikin inverter series models, it has all the important and useful features of Daikin inverter series. If you want Daikin premium inverter series air conditioning experience with all the features at a reasonable cost this is the model to go for.


daikin ac


4.Daikin AC 1.5 ton 3-star split (FTL50TV16V2)

Capacity: 1.5 tondaikin ac

BEE star rating: 3 star

Type: Fixed speed

Area coverage: Up to 160 square feet

This 1.5 ton 3 star model from Daikin AC is one of the best non inverter fixed speed model available in the market. This is a cooling only model. It can cover the areas of up to 160 square feet easily.

It has all the key features of Daikin like Coanda air flow, Powerchill operation, Econo mode and PM2.5 filter. One more useful feature available in this air conditioner is good sleep off timer, this feature Offers automatic temperature increase by 2-degree centigrade during sleep to avoid excessive cooling. PM2.5 filter traps fine particles of up to 2.5 Micron in width. Coanda airflow prevents the air from blowing directly onto people instead It is thrown upwards letting the air circulate into the corners of the room creating a comfortable and uniform cooling throughout the room. Econo mode enables efficient operation why limiting the maximum power consumption.

The cooling capacity of FTL50TV16V2 is 17750 BTU, making it a 1.5  machine as the standard for 1.5 ton is 18000 BTU. Power consumption is only 1425 watts. This power consumption figure shows that it is a very efficient machine and consumes very less power. ISEER is 3.65. In spite of using such less power, it has been given 3 Stars as it is a fixed speed machine.

Indoor unit operation sound at high fan speed is 45 decibel and 35 decibels at low fan speed. Maximum operating ambient temperature range is 50 degree Celsius. It uses R32 refrigerant.

This is a very efficient machine. Power consumption figures are really low and it saves as much electricity as any non inverter fixed speed model can. It has all the important useful features of Daikin present in it. This rare combination of legendary Daikin cooling, useful features, extremely low power consumption figure offered at such a low price point makes it an absolute steal deal.


daikin ac


5.Daikin AC 1.5 ton 2-star split (FTQ50TV16U1)

Capacity: 1.5 tondaikin ac

BEE star rating: 2 star

Type: Fixed speed

Area coverage: Up to 160 square feet

This starting series from Daikin AC has all the basic goodness of Daikin airconditioning experience. This 1.5-ton fixed speed model can easily cover the areas of up to 160 square feet. This elegant air conditioner provides optimal cooling while not utilizing much energy.

It has some of the most important features of Daikin like Coanda air flow, Econo mode, Good sleep off timer, and Power chill operation. It also has self-diagnosis feature where machine auto detect the error and show the related code on the remote. With the help of this feature, you can easily auto detect the error present in the machine and report it to the Daikin service center.

The cooling capacity of FTQ50TV16U1 is 17750 BTU. Power consumption is 1507 watts. This is only marginally more than Daikin FTL series power consumption figure. This is a very respectable figure for a 1.5-ton machine but because of Stringent BEE standards this year it is awarded only 2 stars. Its ISEER rank is 3.45.

Its indoor unit operation sound is 45 decibel and 35 decibels at high and low fan speed respectively. Maximum outdoor operating temperature is 50 degree Celsius. This air conditioner uses Daikin standard environment-friendly R32 refrigerant.

If you want maximum cooling for the lowest possible cost while still maintaining the elegance of Daikin split air conditioning experience this machine is just for you. It has all the necessary features of modern-day air conditioning in it. This sort of air conditioning at such price point from a premium air conditioner manufacturer makes it a really value for money proposition.


daikin ac


Why Daikin AC?

State of the art manufacturing plant

Daikin manufacturing plant at Neemrana, Rajasthan is prepared for next level. It is spread over an area of 42,300 square meters and built with an investment of 10,299 mn.  it aims To create air conditioning solutions for the people that will improve the quality of their life. It is supported by a chain of production bases throughout the globe. It is appointed with latest technology state of the art equipment and is capable of producing technologically advanced and modern air conditioning products within a given frame of time.

Components that make a difference

Swing compressor

Swing compressor Rotate smoothly and decreases friction and vibration. It also helps in preventing the leakage of refrigerant gas during compression. These benefits result IN quiet and efficient operation.

DC inverter

An air conditioner that is equipped with DC motor is known as DC inverter. DC motor generates higher efficiency than AC motor. DC motor utilizes the power of magnets to attract and repel to generate rotation. A DC motor that is loaded with power neodymium magnets offer even greater efficiency.

DC motor for fan

DC motor help in fine rotation control which decreases energy consumption. The motor also helps in improving operational efficiency to a great degree.

Neodymium magnet

This type of magnet is roughly 10 times stronger than standard pregnant. In Daikin compressor Use of neodymium magnet enhances their performance. It also increases air conditioner’s frequency range.

Pioneer in inverter Technology

An inverter type air conditioner can vary the speed of its compressor i.e. it can increase or decrease the speed of its compressor according to the load put on it by the surrounding condition. Unlike a fixed speed compressor, if less cooling is required it decrease its speed which results in huge power saving. Also if surrounding temperature is high and more cooling is required it can increase its speed resulting in more powerful and faster cooling. A 1.5-ton inverter air conditioner Can work from .3 to 1.7 ton based on the cooling load. This also results in more uniform temperature control as there are no shutdown of the compressor but just the change in capacity to maintain a  more uniform temperature.

Dakin is the inventor of inverter technology in air conditioning. Daikin being The pioneer in inverted Technology produces superior inverter controlled air conditioners than any other brand.

The perfect refrigerant

Daikin has phased out all R22 models Instead it now uses environment-friendly and most efficient R32 refrigerant. This refrigerant will take care of our surrounding environment and will be the refrigerant of future. It has zero ozone depletion potential and only one-third of global warming potential compared to an R22 or R410a refrigerant.

It also has superior performance compared to R22 or R410a refrigerant. It has 15% more cooling compared to an R410a refrigerant. It also has better cooling at higher temperatures compared to the traditional refrigerants.

Superior service network

There are also some other premium air conditioner brands present in the market but in the end what makes the difference is Daikin ’s superior after sales and service network. Other bands which are technologically as advance as Daikin can not match it’s after sales and service network.

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