Daikin FTKG50TV16U Review – Sensible Cooling from Daikin

Product: Daikin FTKG50TV16U Reviewdaikin ftkg50tv16u

Capacity: 1.5 Ton

Type: Inverter Split

Warranty: 1 year Comprehensive 5 Years on Compressor

My rating: 9.8

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Daikin FTKG50TV16U Overview

This is our 5-star inverter air conditioner from Daikin. The FTKG series comes in 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 1.8-ton models but here I will be reviewing 1.5-ton model. This series is just under the flagship JTKJ series. It lacks some features of more premium JTKJ series but it is also Considerably cheaper than flagship series.

The indoor unit Is plane white unit with Daikin branding on the top The indoor unit is a very compact unit. There is no display on the unit itself but it comes with the feature-rich backlit remote.

Daikin FTKG50TV16U Specifications

Full load cooling capacity of this model is 17100 BTU, Half load cooling capacity of this model is 8500 BTU. The maximum cooling capacity of this model is 19400 BTU. the standard cooling capacity for a 1.5 and model is 18000 BTU. So you can check out that this model is giving you extra 1400 BTU making it kind of expandable Inverter AC. Because of this extra cooling capacity, you are able to cover a bigger area, Compared to a standard 1.5-ton machine. This air conditioner can easily chill the area of up to 150-180 square feet.

Power consumption full load is 1415 watt. Power consumption half load is 475 watts. Maximum power consumption is 1750 watts. These figures make it a very efficient air conditioner. ISEER or Indian seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio of this machine is 4.7. This is slightly less than most energy-efficient FTKF series from Daikin can but is still sufficient to make it a 5 Star inverter air conditioner.

Indoor unit height width and depth are 298*885*229 mm respectively. The gross weight of the indoor unit is 16 kg. The indoor unit has fan speeds ranging from heigh to silent. At high fan speed, the sound of the indoor unit is 45 dba while at silent fan Speed the sound is 35 dba. This makes it a very silent air conditioner. The air conditioner is able to operate under the maximum ambient temperature of up to 50 degree Celsius. The air conditioner uses the most advanced and environment-friendly r32 refrigerant.

Daikin FTKG50TV16U Features

FTKG Series from Daikin is a very feature-rich series, few of the key features of this model are following.

Coanda air flow, This feature helps in distributing the air more uniformly throughout the room by sending it through the roof With the help of special louver setting rather than throwing the air directly on your head. This helps in creating a more uniform and comfortable ambiance.

Econo mode, This function enables efficient operation bye by limiting the maximum power consumption.

Indoor unit quiet operation, This feature ensures low noise level resulting in sound sleep. It optimizes the speed of the air flow according to a low noise level to give you uninterrupted comfort.

Power chill operation, When a room needs to be cooled quickly in extreme heat conditions this feature ensures the temperature drops quickly to provide immediate relief.

Self-diagnosis, The machine auto-detects the error and shows the related code on the remote screen. Now you can easily self diagnose the error and report to the authorized Daikin service center for a quick resolution.

Inverter Technology, Last but not least the compressor of this hair conditioner is based on inverter technology which can alter its speed depending upon the load put on it by the surrounding conditions. This results in huge power saving and a very comfortable ambient temperature.



  • Powerful inverter compressor
  • Affordable for a 5 Star inverter air conditioner
  • Expandable inverter compressor, able to cover a bigger in area than a standard 1.5-ton air conditioner
  • Compact indoor unit
  • Copper construction
  • Environment-friendly r32 refrigerant
  • Able to operate in high ambient temperature
  • ┬áDaikin brand reliability


  • Slightly less efficient than FTKF series

Final words:

This is a more sensible and affordable option than other premium Daikin JTKJ and FTKF series. It still has low power consumption and Expendables cooling which makes it a very compelling buy. So if you are looking for a more sensible and affordable 5-star inverter air conditioner from Daikin lineup, which still has all the bells and whistles, this model is the one to go for.


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