Hitachi AC Review – A True All Rounder

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Hitachi AC review

Hitachi AC

Hitachi ACs are considered to be one of the most premium and feature-rich air conditioners in India. Since 1952, Hitachi cooling and heating Technology has been helping make life more harmonious for people around the world. Johnson controls Hitachi air conditioning is a joint venture company of Johnson controls USA and Hitachi appliances Japan. this partnership aims to address cooling needs in a faster smarter and more efficient manner than ever before.

Johnson controls-Hitachi air conditioning India Limited headquarter is situated in Ahmedabad Gujarat, with its manufacturing plant in Kadi Mehsana. It is one of the biggest single roof facilities spread on a plot of 182000 square meters. Hitachi AC manufacturers a wide range of products from room air conditioners, split and window ACs to Commercial air conditioners including chillers, ductable air conditioners, and vrf air conditioning systems. This company also trades in refrigerators and air purifiers.

In this Hitachi AC review let’s explore whether Hitachi AC e lives up to its premium and feature-rich image or not.

Hitachi AC key features and technologies

Fresh air

iFresh Frost wash Technology

With the help of dew collected from the air moisture, Frost is created in the indoor unit to cover the heat exchanger. Accumulated Frost then melts and washes away the dust attached to the heat exchanger. Later it dries up the heat exchanger resulting in clean and hygienic air all the time.This unique self-cleaning function removes dust and unwanted particles you might not even be aware of.

Benefits of this technology.

Dusty and humid air conditions become home to bacteria and oily grime. This can create unwanted order and reduce efficiency and performance. Frost wash eliminate dust and bacteria to keep your unit running at optimal condition giving you clean air for longer. The humidity sensor inside your unit checks the indoor moisture level before starting the Frost wash. If the access level is detected, the drying operation activates to ensure no water droplets are formed anywhere on your unit.

Frost wash will be started every 70 hours on the accumulated use basis. You can operate Frost wash whenever you want to, by simply pressing the button. Frost wash LED indicator acts as an alert to suggest operating Frost wash after 70 hours of AC uses.

Clean air

iClean auto filter cleaning Technology

Dust gets accumulated on the stainless steel filter over a period of time. The brush attached to the filter cleans it automatically at regular intervals. The dust catcher, which is located on the top of the dust box, sweeps the dust into a dust box. Once the cleaning is over, the brush move bags from the dust collector box to its home position. The auto cleaning brush moves twice over the dust Catcher to increase the dust transfer capacity.The auto filter cleaning ensures that there is no dust left on the filter. And so, the air that meets the AC is free from dust and air coming out of AC is always clean and fresh.

Benefits of this technology

Auto filter cleaning technology in the AC makes them highly energy-efficient

It prevents dust accumulation and keeps the filter clean like new. It even checks the breeding of mould and bacteria that causes unpleasant odours, and keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

Since it maintains the performance like that of a new AC, the airflow remains the same even after a long duration of use. So that you can enjoy the fresh air that reaches every corner of the room.

Without auto filter cleaning Technology, the performance of 1.5 ton AC reduces to that of a 1 ton AC.

Odour free air

Soft Dry – Auto Coil Dry Technology

The superior auto coil dry Technology keeps the Indore fan blower running for some time on standby mode so that it dries the condensed water accumulated on the evaporator coil. This technology works even after the AC is switched off. It prevents the accumulation of derbies, dust and pollen in the condensed water droplets on the evaporator coil and keeps the unit dry and clean to ensure fresh and healthy air.

Benefits of this technology

Better performance of the air conditioner.

Prevents growth of potential microbes and moulds which can lead to clogging and contamination of the coils.

Provides consistent airflow that gives you optimum cooling.

Surround air

Big Flow Deflector – Wide Angle movement

Big flow deflector and shows for reaching and uniform cooling in every part of the room. While conventional AC units fail to cool the area directly beneath the AC unit, big flow Deflector’s vertical deflection ensures that not only the farthest corner of the room but also the area directly beneath the AC units gets equal air volume. Thus, ensuring minimum Hot pockets in the room.

benefits of this technology

Big flow deflector along with the vertical louver movement covers every part of the room and surrounds you with uniform airflow.

Silent air

T-Flow Fan – Wave Blade Design Technology

The unique patented design of indoor fan blower offers sine wave blade design unlike the conventional straight blade designs of the fans blade. The unique sine wave blade design ensures air cutting noise reduction and for reaching maximum air volume. Thus, the comfort of silent air with cooling all around you is ensured.


Expandable Inverter AC

The AC expands its capacity whenever there is an increase in either indoor or outdoor ambient temperature. It gives you desired cooling even in adverse conditions by expanding its cooling capacity and reducing the time for achieving the set temperature. It also helps in cutting down the humidity level inside the room.

How does it work

Expandable Inverter ACs can increase their compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM), as and when required, according to the actual ambient conditions outside and load requirement inside the room.

Benefits of this technology

Comfortable even at high temperatures, quick relief from the heat and comfort even in high humidity. Most of the Indian cities experience scorching heat during summer. Expandable Inverter AC provides relief during these conditions as it gives efficient cooling without compromising on its performance.


iSee-Intelligent image sensor Technology

This advanced technology detects the number of occupants inside the room and their location. It also scans the size and layout of the room and accordingly e e determines the airflow and the direction in order to give the best comfort, minimizing the wastage of cooling.

How does it work

Intelligent image sensor Technology comes with the ability that ensures you get equal attention for equal cooling comfort and enjoy higher energy saving. It identifies the number of people and their location in the room to ensure maximum comfort. In case of human absence, the sensor automatically switches the AC off, thus reducing the wastage of energy.

Benefits of this technology

During room layout search, the image sensor automatically detects the shape and size of the room and adjusts its swing angles using the smart Swing. This avoids wastage of cooling as the airflow is directed towards only the people present in the room.

The image sensor detects the position of people inside the room and directs the airflow accordingly to ensure maximum comfort without wastage of cooling.

An intelligent image sensor detects the number of people, location and activity in the room. The capacity is lowered In response to the number of individuals for power saving. Faster response, based on the number of people present in the room, ensures precise comfort and power saving.

When the image sensor detects human absence in the room for a specified time, the AC automatically switches off. This reduces wastage of cooling and energy.


iSense-Activity sensor Technology

Infrared sensor of activity sensor Technology detects human activity inside the room. It increases the temperature by 1-degree centigrade in every 2 hours in order to give you a comfortable sleep. It also saves power by avoiding excess cooling when you are in deep sleep.

How does it work

A sound sleep at night after a long day at work is what every person deserves. Activity sensor Technology helps you get that much-needed rest. It provides a comfortable sleeping environment by regulating the room temperature according to a person’s active body movements. This lets you have a sound sleep at night, so that you wake up fresh the next morning. The infrared sensor of the activity sensor Technology detects human movement during sleep. In case of no active movement, the AC increases the temperature by 1 degree Celsius per hour for 2 hours.

Benefits of this technology

Eases you to sleep by increasing the set temperature for extra cooling comfort.

Gradually increases the set temperature to maintain comfortable room temperature.

Activity sensor Technology decreases the room temperature to the initial set temperature and ensures that you wake up fresh without dry skin or dry throat.


Tropical inverter Technology

How does it work

Hitachi AC with tropical inverter Technology has a unique variable speed tropical compressor that varies its RPM by adjusting the power supply frequency of its tropical compressor. This is achieved by a seamless cascade vector DC inverter system that comes pre-installed with a microcomputer which controls its rotation, providing a cooling solution as per room’s requirement. Thus, giving it an edge over conventional Inverter ACS.

Benefits of this technology

Even when there is a fluctuation of power supply, the unit keeps running so you have a stable cooling.

In the case of blackouts, your unit reboots to the last customized settings.

Maintain comfortable room temperature and cut energy consumption at the same time.

Unlike traditional fixed speed systems, this system cools with maximum capacity at startup then it automatically slows down and operates at the minimum suitable capacity.

Hitachi AC vector DC inverter system

More than just energy saving the vector DC inverter system gives you reliable operation in unstable power conditions. This system features a microchip that monitors compressor behavior and current flow conditions. The vector DC inverter system adjusts compressor rotation speed at all times for smoother operation. Smooth compressor operation means that you are unit performs consistently while delivering powerful cooling outputs.


Powerful mode

fan speed in this mode is super high, which helps in cooling the room super quickly. In this mode the air conditioner runs at its full speed, to provide immediate and quick relief from the scorching heat. This mode is especially helpful in providing immediate relief from extreme heat conditions in peak summers.


100% Copper Construction

In Hitachi AC condenser, evaporator, connecting pipes, and other cooling parts are made up of copper. These days most of the models in Hitachi lineup come with 100% copper construction. Copper is a good conductor of heat, therefore provides quick and more cooling compared to an Air conditioner made up of aluminum. Also copper is easy to repair in case you need it.


Use of environment-friendly R-410 refrigerant

All the air conditioners need refrigerant for providing cooling in the indoors and for transferring heat outdoor. Most of the Hitachi AC use environment-friendly  R-410 refrigerant. This refrigerant doesn’t contribute to the ozone depletion like the older and obsolete R-22 refrigerant. also results in better cooling compared to R-22 refrigerant.


Hitachi AC durability and safety

Fireproof electrical enclosure

Aberdeen meets the highest international manufacturing standards as we insist on using a hundred percent metal casing to enclose electrical components. This drastically reduces the risk of fire spreading if a fault occurs.

43 quality tests

With multiple tests like rain and wind test, sound and vibration test, earth resistance test, refrigerant leakage test, Hitachi AC pass 43 quality test to ensure that only the best quality product is delivered to the customer.


Hitachi AC advanced features

Backlit remote handset, the remote with LCD display ensures better clarity for night operation.

Koukin filter,  antibacterial filter that prevents dust accumulation


Filter clean indicator, alerts before performance decreases.

Auto-restart, starts working automatically in the same setting after a power failure.

On-off timer, the AC is smart enough to automatically set the desired room temperature at a specific time without someone having to change it time and again.

Auto mode, in auto mode the air conditioner automatically sets the temperature and fan speed depending on the room temperature.

Defrosting sensor, defrosting sensor prevents splashing of water from the unit and freezing of the evaporator coil.

Inner grooved copper tubes, assist in quick and optimum refrigeration flow. The increased surface area provides a better heat exchanger and superior efficiency.


Hitachi AC  Verdict

Pros and Cons


  • Unmatched Japanese reliability
  • Highly improved service network
  • Loaded with useful features
  • Advanced technology used
  • Versatile lineup to meet every kind of needs
  • Most of the models are highly energy efficient
  • Expandable Inverter Technology
  • Elegant looking construction
  • 100% copper construction
  • Use of environment-friendly R-410 refrigerant
  • Solid warranty package



  • Some models are pricey
  • Lack of Advanced air filters


Final Words

When it comes to air conditioning Hitachi ACs has become a premium, reliable and one of the most sought after names in the Indian market. From its large and technologically advanced manufacturing plant to a vastly improved service network, Hitachi is doing everything to provide premium airconditioning experience to Indian customers. From its advanced filter cleaning Technology to other useful features, used in providing the best possible air, Hitachi AC is loaded with technology and features.

Hitachi inverter air conditioners are one of the most reliable and Technologically advanced units available. Even in the fixed speed air conditioner line up, Hitachi has some of the most reliable models available in the market.

If you are looking for a Premium and reliable cooling experience, with a long list of advanced features at a sensible cost, this Japanese brand is an obvious choice.


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