Samsung RU7100 Review – An Unbiased Opinion

Product: Samsung RU7100 Reviewsamsung ru7100

Type: LED TV

Size: 43inch, 49inch, 55inch, 65inch, 75inch

Resolution: 4k

Best place to buy: Amazon

Many people prefer to buy a solid LED TV at an affordable price. There are many different types of manufacturers and products available today. Choosing a really good one has become a daunting task. What about Samsung RU7100? Is it a good choice? This Samsung RU7100 review explores the pros and cons of this LED TV in an unbiased way.

Samsung RU7100 Overview

Samsung RU7100 also called 7 series is available in five different sizes, namely 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch. The screen sizes don’t affect the performance in serious way. This model comes with 4K screen resolution. Other important features of this LED TV are Samsung’s smart hub smart platform and Native 60 Hz refresh rate. This model also supports high dynamic range.

Samsung RU7100 Design

In order to offer a clear idea about the design, this Samsung RU7100 review explores the design elements in a detailed way. Like the previous model NU7100, the design of this model deserves good appreciation. Good support is provided by the plastic stand to minimize unsteady movement. It consumes a reasonable space due to increased width. The build quality is better compared to other mid-range models available on the market. You cannot find any loose ends or gaps. This Samsung model comes with a plain back that is made using finest quality plastic. The thickness of this model is 2.25 inches with plain borders. The overall design is sleek and simple which goes well with any type of room.

Samsung RU7100 Picture Quality

Among all mid-range LED TVs available on the market, RU7100 has a pretty decent picture quality. This model is equipped with a VA-LCD panel which is capable of producing deep uniform blacks and an increased native contrast ratio of 5600:1. It does not perform effectively on dark rooms due to the absence of a local dimming feature. The 58-bit panel of Samsung RU7100 displays a 10-bit color depth because of the Frame Rate Control (FRC) feature. The picture quality is good in an average-lit or dim room.

Uniformity can be associated with colors and gradients. Good gray uniformity makes the minor dirty screen effect less conspicuous. This aspect provides an enjoyable sports viewing experience. This model is not equipped with a wide color gamut. Thus the color volume has its limitations. Narrow viewing angles reduce the accuracy of images when viewed from the side. The reflection handling is reasonably good and the color accuracy is really appreciable. The Movie’ picture is the one that offers the best outcome. You need to dig deeper to learn about the minor color inaccuracies.

Samsung RU7100 Sound quality

This Samsung RU7100 review finds the sound quality of this mid-range LED TV good enough for medium-sized rooms. It is equipped with 20W stereo speakers which are capable of producing reasonable sound quality. However, the performance of this model does not live up to the expectations with frequencies below 70Hz without a subwoofer. DTS format is not supported. You cannot associate vibrant surround sound such as Dolby Atoms with this Samsung LED TV.

Samsung RU7100 Other Parameters

TV temperature

The bottom edge of RU7100 turns warm easily due to the edge LEDs. However, you don’t need to worry about heat going overboard. The average temperature stays at 95 F.

Performance as a gaming TV

RU7100 is a very good option for an average gamer. Since the input lag is kept under 11ms, you can find the controls highly responsive. It is compatible with older versions of gaming consoles due to the presence of video analog inputs. Most common resolutions are efficiently supported 1440p @ 60Hz which is extremely prevalent among gaming enthusiasts. When you keep this TV on PC mode, it is capable of displaying right chroma 4:4:4 in all supported resolutions. Advanced features like FreeSync are missing on this model and support for DTS or eARC is not provided as well.

Operating system and compatibility with smart technology

Although this model runs on Samsung’s Tizen 5 OS, some features are missing such as voice control. You get access to a myriad of apps and most suitable ones can be selected with effortless ease. Apple AirPlay 2 is efficiently supported and you can also find this TV compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It does not support Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. In order to establish a connection with a soundbar, Bluetooth feature can be used. Anyhow, mouse or keyboard cannot be connected wireless. USB connection is needed for using a keyboard. Other important features missing are the ambient mode of Samsung, ALLM, and PVR. The remote looks pretty similar with a previous version, NU7100. The major difference is the inclusion of three quick buttons to access Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu.

Motion handling ability

Samsung RU7100 comes with fast response time and you don’t need to worry unnecessarily about blur trail behind fast-moving objects. When it comes to viewing dark scenes, you may come across some smearing. Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is used by the backlight to dim. 240Hz is the flicker frequency of this model. In certain modes, this frequency comes down to 120Hz to cause discomfort for some viewers. Stutter is not going to be a major concern when you buy this TV. As far as lower frame rate content such as movies is concerned, motion stays seamless. Our Samsung RU7100 review finds that this model is capable of creating reasonably crisp images due to the Black Frame Insertion feature. Motion interpolation is efficiently supported up to 60Hz.

Interface and navigation

The simple interface of Samsung RU7100 offers appreciable ease of use. You can expect a smooth navigation experience. When the input is converted from PC to something else, the screen edges are cut off because of overscan. This issue can be easily addressed by selecting the ‘Picture Size’ setting.

Remote apps

 Smart Things app by Samsung can be used to control the TV on a basic level. It works as replacement remote but you have to deal with several limitations. Inputs cannot be altered or apps cannot be changed directly with the remote apps.

 Power consumption

 It can be described as an energy-efficient 4k LED TV model from Samsung. Our Samsung RU7100 review has found out that the maximum consumption is 120W for 43inch model and 215W for 75inch model.

 Samsung RU7100 technical specifications

 The display type is LED and the picture engine is UHD. RU7100 comes with a contrast enhancer and the processor is quad-Core 4K UHD. There are two USB ports and 3 HDMI ports available on this model. This TV is Google assistant friendly and it is also compatible with Alexa. The audio is Dolby digital plus with a Bluetooth audio feature. Other important technical specifications are given below:

Sound output – 20W


Optical digital audio out -1

RF connection input -1

Operating system – Tizen

What items are included in the package along with LED TV?

In the box, you can find a user manual, remote controller, VESA spacers. Batteries, quick setup guide, power cable and cable management clips for the legs.



  • Samsung RU7100 has an excellent design with minimal wobble
  • The overall build quality of this TV is really appreciable
  • You can expect a high native contrast ratio and delivers deep uniform blacks
  • Extremely satisfying experience for sports fans with good gray uniformity
  • This model has pretty decent reflection handling ability
  • You can enjoy excellent color accuracy and temperature
  • It offers a perfect display of native 4K content
  • The RU7100 is equipped with decent gradient handling ability
  • This model offers very good response time with fast transitions
  • The content display is appreciable even on low frame movies without stutter
  • RU7100 has outstanding low input lag and provides good supports to most common resolutions
  • Ease of use and smooth interface and navigation make is a user-friendly LED TV
  • It shows good compatibility with smart technologies
  • You can buy this model at an affordable price


  • It is not compatible with Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistant.
  • Narrow viewing angles make group viewing less enjoyable
  • This model is not equipped with a local dimming feature
  • It does not come with a wide color gamut
  • The peak brightness is disappointing
  • This model does not support DTS

Final Words

Based on the unbiased approach followed by this Samsung RU7100 review, we arrive at the conclusion that RU7100 is a decent budget LED TV with appreciable SDR performance. It is a very good choice among the mid-range TVs available on the market today. The fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for. With the price you pay for this model, you cannot expect the stunning HDR performance of more advanced Samsung models. However, it puts up a reasonably good performance. This model is a flexible choice with some advanced features. You can use it as normal TV and also for streaming and gaming purposes in an easy and effortless way. If you are planning to buy a budget LED TV which is equipped with user-friendly features and offers a good viewing experience, you can definitely consider this model.

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