Sanyo AC Review – A Worthy Contender

Sanyo AC Review

sanyo AC


Do you want to purchase an inverter AC with highly advanced features? Various companies offer a myriad of products with different types of features and advantages. Since there are plenty of options available, choosing a product that fits your unique needs becomes a difficult task. You might have heard about Sanyo Inverter AC models launched by Panasonic. The company offers different types of models to accommodate the needs of a large number of people. Are Sanyo Split AC models worthy buying? This Sanyo AC review explores the pros and cons of these models without adopting any biased approach.

Sanyo AC – An overview

The online brand of Panasonic, Sanyo has entered into the air conditioner segment by launching five inverter AC models. These models come with 3 and 5-star ratings. You can find them in three different capacities and they include 1, 1.5 and 2 tons. According to the manufacturer, all Sanyo models are energy-efficient ACs that can be purchased at a reasonable price. The price of this inverter AC is definitely lower compared to regular fixed speed air conditioning models. You can come across various features such as glacier mode, anti-dust filters, 100% copper condenser, stabilizer free operation and wider indoor unit on Sanyo models.

Sanyo AC – Important Features and Technologies

Sanyo AC – Design

The sleek and elegant design of Sanyo AC models is a hot topic of discussion among many people. If you install them on the wall, you can make your space more inviting and stylish. One of the striking aspects of these products is that the temperature display is hidden in a tasteful way. You cannot find this feature on other models. The remote of Sanyo ACs is backlit and it comes with an ergonomic square design. The remote glow in the dark beautifully. You can find power on/off, and temperature control buttons on the remote of these models to provide excellent ease of use.

Sanyo AC – Glacier Mode

All Sanyo split AC models are equipped with a glacier mode to help the user experience better cooling. The jet speed cooling can be enjoyed at your fingertips. When you switch to Glacier mode, the fan speed increases considerably. In fact; you can expect a fan speed increase of 35% while keeping the AC on Glacier mode compared to medium mode. What does it mean? It clearly implies that instant cooling can be achieved in a fast way.

Duo Cool Inverter Technology

The Sanyo AC models come with a unique Duo Cool Inverter Technology to optimize the comfort level of the users. You can enjoy supreme comfort without worrying about the energy bills. This is a very vital feature that attracts a lot of people toward the Sanyo split AC models. You can find two separate rotors in the AC compressor that promote more effective, energy-efficient and speedy cooling. The power is adjusted by the variable speed compressor based on the heat load. The Sanyo AC models don’t make any alarming noise. You can stay calm and relaxed while operating these devices.

Sanyo Ac – Anti-dust Air Filters

The quality of filters plays an important role in determining the overall efficiency of an AC. The Sanyo AC models come with a built-in PM 2.5. You can also find efficient anti-dust filters that assist in eliminating pollen, dust, fungus, bacteria and all other suspended particles. Effective filtration is guaranteed by this device. It emits only clean and pure air to safeguard the health of the inhabitants. The auto function allows the fan to work even after the unit is turned off. This feature stops the formation of bad odor or mold inside the unit. The fact of the matter is that you can enjoy good health when you use Sanyo split AC models.

Self Diagnosis Feature

One of the most common complaints about the air conditioning systems is that users cannot detect an issue until the problem gets worsened. This situation leads to expensive repair works. If you buy Sanyo split AC, you don’t have to worry about this issue. This equipment does not allow you to stay confused because it displays error codes on the IDU temperature display area when there are small issues to be dealt with. This self- diagnosis feature makes troubleshooting extremely easy. Since they diagnose even small issues, you don’t have to bother about expensive repair works.

Sanyo AC – Control features

 The Sanyo Split AC models are incorporated with sophisticated control features such as auto restart, sleep function, and time function. The On-timer and Off-Timer make the operation extremely simple and easy. You don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to turn off the device. Sanyo AC models come with a 24-hour clock with ON/ OFF program timer. You just need to set the inverter AC at your preferred time to turn on/off automatically using a simple touch of a button. The sleep function adjusts the temperature automatically to ensure sound sleep. The auto-restart feature eliminates the need to reset temperature after a power failure. The original settings are automatically restored when the power comes back. You can also come across an Eco Function mode on the remote of the AC. This feature reduces the power consumption and ensures energy-efficient operation to keep the power bills under check.

Sanyo Split AC – Copper Condenser

The comfort level that an air conditioning system offers primarily depends on the quality of the condenser. Sanyo AC models are equipped with 100% pure copper coils and they offer excellent functional benefits. Two independent rotors are available in the condenser of these models that ensure speedy heat transfer and corrosion resistance, which in turn provides life- long comfort for the users.

Sophisticated inverter technology

People use a device like an AC or refrigerator in different ways depending on their unique circumstances. There is a considerable difference in the usage pattern of different people. The sophisticated inverter technology of Sanyo ACs allows them to alter rotor speeds according to different situations. As a user, you can save considerable energy. The fast-rising energy bills do not become a serious concern for you. The energy bills can be reduced in a significant way with the help of Sanyo split AC models.

Sanyo Split AC – Hydrophilic Fins

Smart buyers always check the way in which an AC provides protection against corrosion. Sanyo Split ACs come with hydrophilic fins which guarantee excellent protection against corrosion. This feature protects the AC against salt and rust damage with admirable efficiency. The hydrophilic fins are much more effective than the common coil and offer high longevity for the condenser.

Sanyo AC – R32 Refrigerant

Sanyo Split AC models can be described as environmental friendly products with a clear focus on user comfort. These products take care of your comfort needs in the most effective way. They also take care of the planet in a responsible way. The environment-friendly R32 Refrigerant available on the Sanyo air conditioning products offers the much-needed protection for the condenser against unexpected or accidental fire. This feature also makes sure that zero damage is done to the ozone layer.

Sanyo AC – Verdict

Pros and Cons


  • The elegant and sleek design makes your home stylish and beautiful
  • The Sanyo Split AC models are highly energy efficient
  • The price is pretty reasonable compared to other split AC models available on the market
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on condenser and product, and a 5-year warranty on the compressor to protect the interests of the customers in the best possible way.
  • The R32 refrigerant makes these products environmental-friendly. You don’t have to worry about any ozone depletion.
  • The noise stays at lower levels during operation
  • The Duo Cool Inverter Technology promotes fast cooling and supreme comfort for the users
  • Anti-dust filters ensure the emission of pure, clean air and safeguard your health effectively
  • Auto-restart buttons make temperature resetting a breeze
  • Eco-function mode ensures reduced consumption of energy
  • Self-diagnosis feature makes troubleshooting easy
  • You can enjoy high resistance to corrosion with the help of hydrophilic fins
  • The Sanyo AC models offer excellent ease of use with high-quality control features


  • The display buttons on the remote are not clearly visible
  • You cannot find any grill to protect the outdoor backside fins
  • A power code is not supplied for connecting indoor with a power source

Final Words

If you analyze the features and benefits of Sanyo AC models without any bias, you can arrive at the conclusion that they fulfill the needs of users in an efficient way. The design is good and you can enjoy high energy efficiency. The price is reasonably low. You can stay environmental-friendly when you buy Sanyo split AC models. The company offers models with 3 and 5 Star ratings. Fast cooling is another advantage that you can associate with these models. Other important benefits include high resistance to corrosion, easy to use control features and fast troubleshooting as well. If you are looking to buy a top-quality split AC with advanced features at an affordable price, you can choose one from the Sanyo split AC models.

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