Voltas 183V CZJ Review – An Honest Opinion

Voltas 183V CZJ Review

voltas 183v czj

Do you want to buy a split AC of superior quality and efficiency? You can come across various options nowadays. Several leading manufacturers offer a wide range of products with different features and benefits. Voltas is a highly trusted manufacturer of air condition systems with good track record. What about Voltas 183V CZJ? This Voltas AC model 183V CZJ review assesses the features and benefits using an unbiased method of approach.

Voltas 183V CZJ – Overview

Voltas 183V CZJ is a split type of AC with a 3 Star energy rating. The capacity of this model is 1.5 tons. A high EER rotary compressor is used in this product and the cooling capacity stands at 5100 Watts. Copper condenser is used in this split AC. Buyers get a one-year comprehensive warranty on product and 5-year warranty on compressor from the manufacturer.

Voltas 183V CZJ – Features

The model is equipped with some key features to make it user-friendly and efficient. You can find Eco-friendly refrigerant when you buy this product. 4-stage filtration is used in this split air conditioning system. The intelligent sleep mode is another important feature to be mentioned. The compressor is steady and cool to ensure optimal functional efficiency. Other important features include super silent operation, high ambient cooling, remote control, LED display, and wide voltage range operation.

Voltas 183V CZJ – Specifications

Turbo and sleep modes are available on Voltas 183V CZJ. As mentioned earlier, the capacity is 1-5 tons. The condenser coil is made using copper. The type of connecting pipe used is Cu-Cu (12.5mm & 6.35mm). The length of the connecting cable and pipe stands at 3 meters. The full load capacity or maximum cooling capacity of this product is 5100 Watt. The power consumption is 1590 Watt. Other vital specifications are:

Refrigerant – R 32

Full load power – 1590 Watts

Compressor type – High EER Rotary – BLDC

Star rating – 3

Noise – 46 DB

Voltas 183V CZJ Performance

When it comes to rating the performance, this product lives up to the expectations of the users. The airflow volume – Indoor [CMH] is 900. The noise level is pretty low with 46 DB. The ISEER is rated as 3.85 W/W. The wide operating voltage range stays in between 145 and 270 V. The maximum operating ambient temperature of this device is 52 C.

Voltas 183V CZJ Airflow and filters

The air circulation or flow of this air conditioning system is 900CMH. It is equipped with a top-quality speed setting system. You can find 4 filters on this equipment including Silver Ion Filter, Acaro Bacterium Red Filter, Catechin Filter, and Anti Dust Filter.

Voltas 183V CZJ Operation

You can expect a smooth and hassle-free operation when you buy this product. The noise level is pretty low (46 DB). You can change the mode from turbo to sleep based on your needs. The LCD remote control can be used to operate this product in a simple and easy way.

Other important aspects you need to know about this Voltas 183V CZJ Split AC

This product is equipped with dual temperature display and glow buttons. You can also find lock and timer features along with a self-diagnosis mechanism. It comes with an auto-restart feature as well. The fact that Voltas offers one-year warranty for the product and 5-year warranty for compressor motivates a lot of people to buy this product.

Product Dimensions

Outdoor (W x H x D) – 635 x 654 x 524 mm

Indoor (W x H x D) – 920 x 390 x 124 mm

Outdoor Weight – 30/35 Kg

Indoor Weight -13 Kg to 15.50 Kg

Voltas 183V CZJ Verdict


  • Voltas 183V CZJ is equipped with an Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • The four-stage filtration process
  • This product comes with an intelligent sleep mode
  • The cool compressor is optimally stable
  • Highly flexible and wide voltage range operation
  • You can find turbo as well as sleep mode on this equipment
  • A strong and efficient air filtering system
  • It offers high energy efficiency
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for the compressor


  • The noise level is a bit higher compared to some other models available today
  • It is not a viable option for a small room due to added power
  • The price is on the higher side compared to mid-range models

Final Words

This unbiased Voltas 183V CZJ AC review clearly suggests that you can purchase this product to meet your cooling needs. This split AC from Voltas is equipped with advanced features including environmental friendly refrigerant, 4-stage filtration, efficient sleep mode, and a highly dynamic compressor. If you searching to buy a top-quality split AC at a reasonably good price, this one is one of the best options available.


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