Voltas 183V DZU Review – A True Analysis

Voltas 183V DZU Review

voltas 183v dzuMost people are interested in buying a split AC with sophisticated technology and latest features. The price is also an important consideration for many people. Do you think that Voltas 183V DZU AC is a smart choice? This review analyzes the pros and cons of Voltas 183V DZU in a detailed and honest way.

 Voltas 183V DZU – Overview

Voltas has made sincere efforts to make this air conditioner a nice addition to a living space. This stylishly designed split AC is equipped with advanced features and the latest technology to ensure healthy living. Providing a self-diagnosis feature, it helps you identify the root cause of any malfunctioning and makes servicing extremely easy. This 3 star rated device is an energy-efficient AC with an overall capacity of 1.5 ton.

Voltas 183V DZU – Design

The design of this product is reasonably good. It looks stylish and elegant in white color. You can describe it as one of the most attractive air conditioners available in the market today. This Voltas AC version can be operated using a remote control. The material used to make this equipment is plastic.

Voltas 183V DZU – Performance

Advanced features available on this equipment keep the performance efficiency very high. The airflow volume of this Voltas split AC is 850 CMH. The powerful inverter compressor is high EER Rotary-BLDC type with variable speeds. It has the ability to adjust power based on the heat load. The condenser of this air conditioner is made using copper. The highly durable copper coil offers efficient cooling by removing moisture in a speedy way. You don’t need to worry about any alarming noise during the operation.

Voltas 183V DZU – Two-Stage Filtration

This product comes with an anti-bacteria filter and a dust filter. You can also find a catalyst filter. The two-stage filtration method employed eliminates all bad odors, allergens and other types of harmful particles in the most efficient way. You can enjoy cool and fresh air immediately.

Modes and Control features

This Voltas air conditioner version comes with cool and dry mode. You can run it auto mode as well. Other modes available are sleep and turbo modes. The Sleep mode maintains a comfortable temperature by controlling the undesirable consumption of power and cooling sensibly. You can expect sound sleep all night without worrying about any distractions.

Energy efficiency

The power consumption stays at minimal levels. The power supply needed for this equipment is AC 230 V, 50 Hz. The cooling capacity stays at 5200 watts. The consumption of power is restricted to 1750 watts. You can expect high ambient cooling even at 52C. The bottom line is that the energy efficiency of this product is very high. It comes with a 3-Star rating.

Voltas 183V DZU – Key specifications

ISEER Value of this split AC is 3.8 W/W and the overall capacity is 1.5 ton. It is a perfect choice for medium-sized rooms. The annual energy consumption is recorded as 1058.16 units. Voltas offers one year warranty on product and condenser. For the compressor, you get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. The entire package consists of the outdoor unit, indoor unit, user manual, remote control, connecting pipes and warranty card. Other important product specifications include:

Color- White

Installation type – Split

Energy efficiency – 3-star rating

Special features – Dust filter, Dehumidifier, and Inverter

Material – Plastic

Panel display – LED display

Compressor type – High EER Rotary-BLDC

Refrigerant gas – R410A

Product Dimensions

Outdoor weight – 27.9 Kg

Outdoor (W x H x D) – 770 x 555 x 300 mm

Indoor weight – 11.4 kg

Indoor (W x H x D) – 965 x 319 x 215 mm

Voltas 183V DZU Verdict


  • This Voltas Split AC gives you high ambient instant cooling.
  • The advanced two-stage filtration process eliminates odors, allergens, and other impurities efficiently.
  • The durable copper condenser coil guarantees excellent cooling.
  • The low startup voltage feature safeguards the device against voltage fluctuations
  • The active dehumidifier acts according to the indoor humidity during the monsoon season.
  • It is an eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • You can expect low-frequency torque control


  • The turbo mode may create a slight vibration sound
  • All possible angles are not covered by the vertical swing
  • The remote is a bit bulky

Final Words

If you are searching for a high-quality split AC that can be purchased at a reasonably good price, this Voltas 183V DZU is certainly a good choice. It comes with many innovative features and you can find this product highly user-friendly. There is no need to worry about energy bills because of its appreciable energy efficiency. The compressor, condenser, and dehumidifier blend harmoniously to deliver the most comfortable indoor environment. The two-stage filtration process removes all impurities and you can expect instant cooling as well. This Voltas Split AC model can be described as a highly functional, smart and reliable product available on the market today.


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