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Product: Voltas 185V ADS Review voltas 185v ads

Price: Check Price

Capacity: 1.5 ton

Type: Inverter Split

Warranty: 1 year comprehensive 5 years on compressor

My Rating: 9.7

Best place to buy: Amazon.in


Voltas 185V ADS Product Overview

This is a 5 Star inverter air conditioner from one of the most reputed air conditioning brands Voltas. This is a 1.5-ton air conditioner. The indoor unit plain is of white colour, medium size unit. There is a blue colour temperature display a right in the center of the indoor unit.


Voltas 185V ADS Specifications

Specifications are one of the most important part of any air conditioner review and based on them we can give your opinion.

Full load cooling capacity of this air conditioner is 5200  watts which is equal to 18000 BTU. This is standard for a 1.5-ton air conditioner. This comes with a twin Rotary type compressor. The refrigerant used is r32 which is is most advanced and eco-friendly refrigerant gas use these days. Full load power consumption is 1355 watts which makes it extremely efficient for a 1.5-ton machine and puts it into five star League of the air conditioners. Half load power consumption is 570 watts. The condenser coil is made up of pure copper.

Voltas 185V ADS Key Features

This inverter air conditioner from Voltas comes loaded with lots and lots of features. they are as follows

Adjustable Mode, With the help of this mode air conditioner, can switch from 1.5 ton to 1 ton and vice versa, depending upon the ambient temperature and number of people present In the room. This allows for flexible cooling and saving in the running cost.

Inverter Technology, Compressor of this air conditioner runs on variable speeds which results in huge power saving and more uniform temperature control.

Eco-friendly refrigerant, This air conditioner comes with environment-friendly r32 refrigerant.

Stabilizer free operation, You don’t need to use any stabilizer with this air conditioner.

100% copper, the cooling parts of the air conditioners are made up with 100% pure copper.

Sleep mode, this year conditioner comes with four different sleep mode which adjusts to your requirement so that you have a sound sleep.

Active dehumidifier, this controls humidity for better comfort.

High ambient cooling, the air conditioner is able to operate and keeps you comfortable even at a high ambient temperature of up to 55 degree Celsius.

4 Speed fan function, you have four types of fan speed options to choose from. This ensures superior comfort and convenience in all types of heat.

Turbo cooling, this AC delivers higher airflow with its unique louver design to help cool the room faster with no hot spot.

Two-stage steady cool compressor, This is she has a two-stage steady cool compressor, Which operates on a unique two-stage inverter technology, that lets you minimize the running cost of your AC effectively.




  • Lots of features
  • Copper construction
  • Environment-friendly advanced refrigerant
  • High ambient temperature cooling
  • Adjustable mode
  • Affordable price
  • Voltage reliability
  • Good service network


  • Cooling capacity is not expandable

Final Words:

This air conditioner comes with lots of features, huge power saving, with the reliability of India’s number one selling brand Voltas and at an affordable price for a 5 Star inverter air conditioner. If you think Japanese brands like Daikin and Hitachi are better, this air conditioner is available at a significantly lower price than comparable Daikin and Hitachi models. Absolutely recommended product.


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