Voltas 185W JY Review – Big Cooling on Low Cost

voltas 185w jyProduct: Voltas 185W JY Review

Price: ₹33490

Capacity: 1.5 Ton

Warranty: Comprehensive 1 year Compressor 5 years

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

The Voltas 185W JY, Product Overview

Voltas 185W JY has a capacity of 1.5 ton. Its energy rating is 5 Star. It’s a jade series split type air conditioner. It’s a cooling only model.

Voltas 185W JY Specifications at a glance

It has a cooling capacity of 5050 Watt or 17231 BTU which is normal for a 1.5 ton machine. It’s power consumption is 1430 Watt which is very good considering its cooling capacity. Its rated EER which is cooling capacity to power consumption ratio is 3.53 which puts it into the 5 star category. Maximum ambient operating temperature range is up to 50 degrees which is sufficient even considering Indian summer conditions. Sound level is 45 db.  Refrigerant gas used is R22 which is older gas but this is common at this price point.

Voltas 185W JY Features

This model comes with dual temperature display i.e. it lets you view the set temperature as well as the room temperature simultaneously. It comes standard LCD remote with night glow buttons on it which lets you operate remote in dark. There is dehumidification. It comes with turbo mode for faster cooling which instantly cools the room in shortest span of time by automatically shifting the cooling into full throttle. It also comes standard with a timer and sleep mode.

Voltas 185W JY Verdict

If you are looking for a air conditioner which is easy on pocket to buy initially and at the same time low on running cost while not compromising on quality and cooling this air conditioner is for you. Agreed this is simple looking and not as feature rich as some other brands machines like Hitachi. But when you consider the fact that it comes at a price point which is considerably lower than the similar specs machines from competitors like Daikin and Hitachi and add Voltas reliability and after sales to the equation it makes it a very good bargain.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Voltas AC 185W JY or you want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.




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