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Daikin AC the world leader

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The sun has started shining brightly all of a sudden, and you sweat a lot which means that summer has arrived. Now the temperature will be soaring in the Indian subcontinent and depending on your location temperature may reach to 48 degree Celsius here, so how you are planning to beat the heat? Air conditioning may be your obvious answer, if yes and you plan to buy a new AC this summer then you reading just the perfect blog.

Which AC to buy?

This is the first question that you need to answer when you plan for a new air conditioning system. If you go out in the market looking for an AC, you can find ten different brands, and if would be quite tough to find a perfect match for your needs. To avoid you all this trouble our experts have tested most of the brands available in the market and came up with the conclusion that Daikin AC should be the best choice for you.

Why Daikin AC over others?

There are various reasons which justify our choice that why we prefer Daikin AC over others, and some these reasons are mentioned below.

1. Provides clean and cool air: Each and every AC can keep your home cool, but not all can provide you with clean and healthy air. Regular ACs pumps the outside wind in your home which sometimes stink, harmful fumes from vehicles and dust particles. Whereas Daikin AC features a smart filter which removes these pollutants thus giving you clean and fresh air.

2. Quietness during operation: Well no one wants an AC that makes noise and disturbs you during your quiet naptimes. Believe it or not, Daikin AC has received multiple awards for being quite as it makes a little 22db sound while operating which is as quite as a rustling leaf.

3. Efficiency: Talking about its effectiveness Daikin AC is one of the few ACs that available with up to five-star BEE energy ratings, which makes sure that while cooling your home without burning a hole in your pocket. The high efficiency of these ACs is credited to the technology used to control air conditioner which has been developed by Daikin itself over the course of time.

4. A wide range of choice: It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment with medium sized rooms or a big mansion or what is your total income, it’s sure that there is a Daikin AC for your cooling needs. With that said there are large numbers of models available to select from such as a Daikin split AC or Daikin inverter AC. Depending upon your choice Daikin offers you the opportunity to get your AC installed into your ceiling, walls or even through ducting.

5. Support: It is the most important consideration before making the purchase. Daikin operates in over 160 countries, and a company does not have that big without taking proper care of its customers. It has an excellent after sales support structure which offers the customers a 24 X 7 online support and a toll-free phone support. The complaints are handled within 24 hours as nearly every Indian city has its service center. Also, you can schedule them for a regular maintenance work.

6. Eco-friendly: Daikin is renowned globally for being environment-friendly as it has converted many of its manufacturing plants to run on renewable energy. Also, it was the first company to stop using the harmful HCFCs and CFCs refrigerants. The company takes special care in manufacturing even the smallest equipment in the most ethical way while keeping standards as high as possible.

Understanding how ACs work (Split AC)

An AC has two units named as the exterior unit and the interior unit. The interior unit comprises a blower, cooling coil, and a thermostat. The blower circulates air over the cooling coil which contains the compressed refrigerant into the home. The thermostat monitors the room temperature, and when it reaches the set temperature, it cuts off the power supply to the compressor.

The exterior unit comprises of a compressor, condenser, and fan. The heated fluid passes through the condenser where a fan cools it down, and again it is recompressed and sent back to the interior unit. Both the units are connected via copper pipes.

What Daikin Offers?

For domestic purposes there are mainly two options depending on the technology which governs the ACS, each one has its own merits which have been discussed below.

· Daikin Split AC – Daikin has a long range of split AC and depending on the size, budget and cooling needs of yours, you can quickly select a model from it. The split ACs consist of an interior unit and an exterior unit. The Daikin split AC are available in multiple tonnages and with BEE energy ratings of up to 5 stars and a much higher EER. The main advantage of a split AC is that multiple interior units can be connected to a single exterior unit.


· Daikin inverter AC – Most of the people get confused with inverter here to the power inverter that delivers power during shortages but believes me it has nothing to do with that. Here the inverter is a device which controls the frequency of power supplied to the compressor. Also, the compressor of inverter AC has variable refrigerant flow rate which can increase or decrease depending on the cooling needs. This variable flow rate compressor combined with inverter ensures not only better temperature control but also reduces power consumption by 70% thus maximizing savings.


Final Verdict

I would personally love to suggest Daikin AC to anyone who is planning to get the new air conditioner at his home as it has served all my cooling needs in a way which others cannot.It performed well when I was in a hot and humid climate of Chennai and is even performing better in the Hyderabad too. Now that you know pretty much about the Daikin AC, you need to find a reputable seller to buy it from. Before buying take the details of your home like its dimensions and how many members are there to find the best suitable model for your home. For me, the Daikin AC was a one-time investment and multiple times savings.

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