Voltas AC Review – Why it is Top Selling Brand

In this in-depth and comprehensive Voltas AC Review, we’ll check out if Voltas really deserve to be no. 1 in India. If Heat during the summer season can be intolerable and cause you to feel extremely uncomfortable in your own home. A perfect way to combat the summer heat is to buy a savvy Air conditioner. However, you cannot just log on to the internet randomly and order an air conditioner in India. Buyers have to factor into various considerations before they settle on the best air conditioning unit.

Voltas is a company with top-notch expertise in the manufacturing of Air conditioners in India. With their headquarters in Mumbai and several other regional offices in respective states, they also supply engineering products as well as textile machinery. Voltas AC are well known for their affordable prices, durability, and amazing specifications. You can also find the most appropriate air conditioner for your residential as well as commercial space. This article will focus on majorly windows AC together with the Split AC that is best suited for residential use. The detailed tips below will shed light into features and technologies of Voltas AC that will guide you into buying the right one for your needs and specifications,

Why Voltas AC?

Turbo Cooling Mode

Sometimes you go back home feeling exhausted, and all you desire is a cool breeze from an AC to calm you down. The old air conditioner at your home makes you feel even more exhausted than you are because it takes forever to deliver that cooling effect. Thankfully, Voltas AC feature a cool turbo technology that will instantly solve this problem at ease.

Fixed with a cross flow vent, the air conditioner can fill your residential space evenly with a cool breeze in just a few minutes at a remarkable speed. Crossflow can be described as the process through which air enters a vent from a condenser and is evenly distributed throughout the space exiting via the other end of the room. This technology is very beneficial as you get to breathe fresh air in a matter of minutes. Voltas combine vent strength, shape as well as size to ensure this benefit.

Catechin Filters

Another outstanding feature of the Voltas AC are the catechin filters. This technology prevents bad smells outside from contaminating the fresh air inside your home. Pollutants such as pollen grains, dust, and tobacco smokes are barred from making their way to your house thanks to the anti-dust as well as antibacterial properties of these filters. A major benefit that comes with this technology is that they can trap even microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites as well as viruses thus saving you the cost of visiting your doctor time to time due to persistent coughs among other respiratory problems.

Nano-silver fitted on the filter ensures that silver ions are released to sterilize bacteria. Additionally, the silver ions can prevent the growth of disease-causing organisms such as fungi. The silver ions work by destroying the inner compositions of the microorganisms and ensuring all the cell elements absorbed. You can easily remove the filters when you want to clean them.

Copper condenser

Voltas AC are made of copper material that is one hundred percent pure. The copper used to manufacture them are highly durable, easy to maintain, and have a high speed of exchange to allow them to cool faster compared to other brands. The copper condenser is much better as compared to those made of aluminum that are more expensive to repair and generally lack cooling efficiency. However, aluminum models are cheaper compared to the copper condensers.

Eco-friendly refrigerant

A refrigerant works by soaking up heat inside a room and letting out to the atmosphere. When it absorbs heat, it converts to liquid and vice versa when compressed by a compressor. Top notch models have R-410A refrigerants that contain hydrofluorocarbon that is super friendly to the ozone layer. You do not have to worry so much about them breaking down as they are built with the ability to withstand stress. Compared to conventional refrigerants(R-22), they can emit and take in more heat compared to conventional refrigerants. Additionally, they have synthetic oils that ensure the operations of the compressor are streamlined for a prolonged period. The synthetic oils dissolve better than mineral oils in R-22, giving you greater efficiency reducing the damage of the parts.

Super Silent Operation

Noise coming from air conditioners can be very irritating. Luckily Voltas AC are well known for their ability to function super silently. They can even function at 18Db (A). This gives you more value for your money compared to those offered by competitors in India.

Rotary Compressors

You can find a Volta’s air conditioner that has a rotary compressor. Residential air conditioners come in two basic types; the rotary compressor as well as the reciprocating compressors. Rotary compressors compress air using centrifugal action an impeller of high speed given a relatively confined space. These types of compressors function better than reciprocating compressors as they cause the refrigerator gas to lose pressure and work with minimal noise. However, they tend to cost more than their reciprocating counterparts.

Dehumidification Mode

Conventional Air conditioners usually fail when the summer is too hot due to being overworked. When this happens, they are not able to control humidity levels effectively and are highly prone to leakages. Additionally, during the rainy season, they turn the environment in an interior space too cold such that you keep going down due to respiratory illnesses such the flu that if not treated become worse with time. They are also not energy efficient.

Voltas Company, after extensive research, noted this specific problem and has created state of the art Voltas that have a dehumidification mode perfect for combating humidity that comes along in the rainy seasons. When it rains, the dehumidification mode sucks up extra moisture from living space, leaving you in a calm and comfortable environment. Additionally, this mode (the Dehumidification mode), helps with the absorption of dampness from the room that may cause the condenser to break down.

Hydrophilic fins

Hydrophilic fins are the present in classic models developed by the Voltas Company. With the help of the hydrophilic fins, the heat exchanger becomes wet at a relatively high speed minimizing its rate of corrosion and resistance to the growth of mold.

Intelligent sleep modes

Volta air conditioners also come in handy with a variety of sleep modes. With this enhanced versatility, you can be able to dive into dreamland comfortably without any interruptions. The models come with the sound sleep mode, siesta mode, sleep mode as well as the DIY mode.

The sound sleep mode works best for individuals who prefer a comfortable temperature when sleeping all through the night. The air conditioner works by steadily adjusting the temperature to one similar to your own body, leaving you comfortably sleeping. In the good mode sleep model, all you have to do is to set the air conditioner to your preferred temperature In a given room after which the AC works on its to lower or increase it based on your preferences. Thirdly, with the DIY mode, you can come up with a unique temperature curve and the amount of time that you want to sleep manually. The Voltas AC will then work efficiently for your comfort depending on your preferred settings.

Last but not least is the siesta mode that works against the highest temperatures in the afternoon. This mode is perfect for you if you love sleeping in the afternoons. When the temperature is at the highest, it bits this to a comfortable one making your sleep more enjoyable.


The ultimate guide to buying a top-notch AC

Buying the perfect air conditioner for your home can be daunting. There are several key factors that you have to look into, Hope these surefire tips will make you more knowledgeable before the big purchase.


As mentioned earlier, buying the perfect air conditioner for your home is not as easy as it seems. Before buying, ensure you look into its cooling capacity. In India, the air conditioners are ranked in accordance to their British thermal unit specifications. Alongside the BTU, You can also look into its capacity ratings along with the top capacities of both indoor as well as outdoor units. BTUs of top-notch air conditioners range in between 9000-30000. However, if your space is relatively huge, a larger air conditioning unit will work perfectly for your needs. For a medium size room around 110-160 sq. ft. an 18000 BTU or 1.5-ton ac is enough.

Energy efficiency

With the shooting cost of electricity by the day, buying an air conditioner that is energy efficient is inevitable. Consider getting yourself a model that is will cool your space, but at the same time, use less energy. Be on the lookout for the energy efficient rating in the air conditioner that you desire to buy. The standardization is done by the Energy Efficiency Bureau of India. If you spot an air conditioner with more ratings, know that you are on the path to energy efficiency.

Air quality

Another factor to look into is air quality. Indoor air quality determines how comfortable you will be in a room. You must ensure that the air conditioner comes in handy a good dehumidifier for the reduction of humidity levels making a room much cooler and while increasing the level of comfort as well as maintaining energy efficiency. Additionally, consider the type of filters the air conditioner has if you are to ensure maximum cooling. The filters will also offer good protection for the evaporator coil minimizing corrosion coming from dust.

Split vs window

There is a never-ending debate when it comes to choosing between split and windows ACs. Both of the conditioners have their upsides and downsides. You may find an affordable window air conditioner, but on the other hand, it does match the interiors of your home as would a split AC. Furthermore, you can find that you can easily install a window unit in your home whereas the split units are much better at circulating air. All in all, the answer between choosing between the two solely lies in your needs and wants.

Homeowners, with smaller residential spaces, find split ACs more appropriate for them as they take little space, are generally cleaner and more hygienic as compared to their counterparts. When you settle on a split air conditioner, you will notice that the compressor will be installed outside by the professional whereas the indoor unit will be fitted inside your space. Window ACs are fitted mostly on windows; they best suited for large spaces where uniform cooling is not a priority. Additionally, window air conditioners are easier to fix as compared to the split ones.

Cost Installation & Maintenance

During the installation of the unit, you must ensure that you seek the services of a professional. This is highly encouraged because the performance of your new unit is heavily dependent on the installation. That being said, it’s important to note that the installation of split units is more difficult as compared to the window units. Also, do put into mind the maintenance cost varies from one air conditioner to another. Your dealer will offer you key guidelines on the best way to clean your newly acquired unit. Servicing the ac unit every quarter will guarantee you optimal performance.

Noise and cooling speeds

An ac that remits noise of approximately 19-60 decibels is a perfect choice for you fancy peace of mind in your living space. If you choose one with a thermostat that is flexible, you will be able to set speeds that are in line with your preferences. Essentially, setting the ac according to your preferences will ensure that you gain comfort in the most energy-efficient way.

Given the considerations mentioned above, if your budget allows it, do not shy away from selecting air conditioners that incorporate more advanced features for added luxury such as auto restart as well as sleep mode.

Top 4 best Voltas AC Reviews


voltas ac

The Voltas-123VCZTT has won the hearts of many Indians to become one of the leading air conditioners from Voltas. It has been a perfect choice for most homeowners for the longest time now. It showcases anti-dust filters; Turbo mode, as well as a sleep mode that help you create the perfect atmosphere for your living spaces. This air conditioner has a star rating of 3 and has a self-diagnosis feature that raises the alarm for you to be able to determine the reasons why it’s functioning as desired. Lastly, the air conditioner ensures that your electricity bills are on the low while being energy efficient.

Key Features and details
Features a 5-star energy rating with an annual energy consumption of 885.04 units.


voltas ac

If you are searching for a classy Voltas AC, then the Voltas-185V JZJ will be a perfect t choice for you. This model is most appropriate for medium-sized spaces. Utilizing DC inverter technology, this ac ensures that power consumptions are minimized as much as possible since it can maintain comfortable room temperature without compressor interference.

Some of the most critical features of this tech-savvy air conditioner include High ambient cooling even at temperatures of 52 degrees, advanced air purifier for ensuring removal of harmful odors, an eco-friendly Refrigerant, an active dehumidifier that is sensitive to indoor humidity as well as a two-stage steady cool compressor. Additional benefits include a stabilizer free operation, multi-stage filtration advantage, and finally a 100% copper condenser for effective cooling.

Key Features and Details
• Features a 5-star energy rating with an annual energy consumption of 885.04 units.
• The capacity of 1.5 tons that is ideal for medium spaces (>110<=150 sq ft)
• Copper condenser coil that makes cooling more efficient and is cost savvy
• Inverter compressor that regulates power as per the room. Produces minimal noise in its operations together with the 3D flow
• Product warranty of one year, one year on the condenser as well as five years on the compressor
• Other Key features include Refrigerant gas (R32) that is super friendly to the ozone layer, a Dehumidifier, anti-dust filter, and an anti-bacterial filter


voltas ac

If you have a medium sized residential space, then theVOLTAS-184VSZS sure is the answer to your prayers. It is most suitable for rooms that measure between 111 and 150 sq ft. This ac ensures your comfort by employing a compressor with a two-stage steady cool together with savings

Key Features and Details
• Inverter compressor that regulates power as per the room. Produces minimal noise in its operations
• The capacity of 1.5 tons that is ideal for medium spaces (>110<=150 sq ft.)
• Features a 4-star energy rating with an annual energy consumption of 981.81 units
• Fitted with 100% copper condenser coil that ensures temperatures are cool and the maintenance cost is kept at bay
• Copper condenser coil that makes cooling more efficient and is cost savvy
• Other Key features include Refrigerant gas (R32) that is super friendly to the ozone layer, a Dehumidifier, anti-dust filter, and an anti-bacterial filter.


voltas ac

The Voltas-13 DZZ has incorporated the world’s leading technology, adjusting tremendously to the Indian weather as well as suiting the diverse needs of homeowners. It comes with high ambient cooling that cools a room even at 50 degrees. The active dehumidifier, along with the instant cooling features, is keen on ensuring that you enjoy comfortable room temperature. Other Key features worth mentioning are the 4 stage filtration process for indoor cleansing air, sleep mode for undisturbed sleep, self-diagnosis, dual display where you can read the room and set temperature simultaneously and the glow light buttons which enable you to see in the darkness.

Key Features and Details
• Features a 3-star energy rating with an annual energy consumption of 1128.65 units
• The capacity of 1.5 tons that is ideal for medium spaces (>111<=150 sq ft.)
• Copper condenser coil that makes cooling more efficient and is cost savvy
• Inverter compressor that regulates power as per the room Produces minimal noise in its operations together with the 3D flow
• Product warranty of one year, one year on the condenser as well as five years on the compressor
• Other Key features include Refrigerant gas which is R22 together with airflow of 1100 indoor CMH, a Dehumidifier, anti-dust filter, and anti-bacterial filters.

Pros & Cons of Voltas AC

It is quite clear that Voltas is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners. Their products are indeed affordable to many Indians and are diverse in suiting the needs and wants. You can find the most appropriate ac for your office space or your home just by a click of the mouse. Additionally, Voltas has received numerous awards owing to their energy efficient products and outstanding Customer Service. The Company has even received an award for best supplier from Wall-mart.

However, Voltas still has a few downsides that are worth mentioning. Voltas manufacture certain brands of ACs that have the R22 refrigerant that poses a lot of danger to the ozone layer. Moreover, they do not have horizontal air swings that bring in a modern feel to the device like those present in LG air conditioners. Last but not least, it would be ideal if Voltas could incorporate small but great features such as the PM 1 filters.


Voltas has indeed gained a lot of popularity and prowess in the Indian Market. This is evident in the numerous awards it has received over the years due to their quality air conditioners in India The wide ranges of products that they offer from split inverters to windows air conditioners have shown undeniable quality. Buyers can find ACS that is ideal even in the smallest of spaces. The models work best at even the highest temperature as demonstrated in this article. The four air conditioners mentioned above are on to the list in terms of quality and affordability. This review is grounded scientific research conducted on the operations of the Voltas AC. You can look can always look up the internet and find more information on the Voltas AC and their latest technologies.


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