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Product: Voltas 185V JZJ reviewvoltas 185V JZJ

Price: check price

Capacity: 1.5 ton

Type: inverter split

Warranty: 1 year comprehensive 5 years on compressor

My rating: 9.7

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Voltas 185V JZJ Product Overview

This is a 1.5 TON air conditioner from India’s number one selling air conditioner brand Voltas. This is a five-star air conditioner. This is an inverter type air conditioner. This series comes only in 1.5-ton capacity. The indoor unit is our plain white colour medium size unit. There is a blue colour temperature display in the middle of the indoor unit. Below temperature display, there is Voltas branding on the indoor unit.


Voltas 185V JZJ Product Specifications

Specifications are a very important part of any air conditioner review and help us in making an opinion about the machine.

Starting with the cooling capacity, full load cooling capacity of this machine is 5200 watts or 18000 BTU which standard for a 1.5-ton air conditioner. Half load cooling capacity is 2600 watts. This figure suggests that this air conditioner is enough for cooling a room of around 120 square feet to 160 square feet easily.

Full load power consumption is 1355 watts. Half load power consumption is 570 watts. These figures make it a 5 Star machine according to the current star rating standards in India. These figures also suggest that it is an extremely efficient machine comparable to any other 5 Star air conditioner available in the market. ISEER (Indian seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), Which is is a very important metric of checking the efficiency of any air conditioner in Indian condition, is 4.51. This is not market-leading but still very good.

Airflow volume of the indoor unit is 900 CMH. Noise level of indoor unit is less than 46 decibel. The air conditioner comes standard with an LCD remote. This hair conditioner comes with Rotary type compressor. This air conditioner has a wide operating voltage range from 145 to 270 volt. Voltas 185V JZJ is built to operate in the ambient temperature of up to 52 degree Celsius. This air conditioner comes with latest and most environment-friendly r32 refrigerant.

Width, height, and depth of the indoor unit are 990, 315 and 242 mm respectively. Indoor unit gross weight is 15.5 kgs. Width, height, and depth of the outdoor unit are 870, 600 and 355 mm respectively. The gross weight of the outdoor unit is 42 kgs.

Voltas 185V JZJ Key Features

There are so many features present in this air conditioner, following are some of the key features present in this air conditioner.

Inverter Technology,  This air conditioner runs on tried and tested inverter compressor from Voltas that means its compressor can increase or decrease its speed, according to the heat load put on it. In other words, its compressor can increase or decrease its speed according to the cooling required in the room. There are are two major advantages of such compressor first, it results in huge power saving as compressor decrease in speed when less cooling is required second, it results in more uniform temperature inside the room as instead of shutting down completely compressor just decrease is speed required to maintain the desired temperature.

Intelligent sleep mode, There are four different modes present in this air conditioner which adjust to your sleep requirement.


  1. This air conditioner comes standard with anti-dust filter.
  2. This air conditioner also comes standard with Catechin filter.
  3. There are also antibacterial filter and silver Ion generator present.

Super silent operation, There is a noiseless operation as low as 18 dB present in this air conditioner.

Wide voltage range operation, This machine can operate from 145 volts to 270 volts.

100% copper, All the cooling parts of this inverter air conditioner are made up of hundred percent copper which results in superior cooling and battery durability.

Two-stage steady cool compressor, This Voltas all-star Inverter AC has a two-stage steady cool compressor, which operates on unique two-stage inverter technology, that lets you minimize the running cost of your AC effectively.

Instant cooling, Room is cooled quickly and uniformly with no Hot spots.

Self-diagnosis,  the microprocessor in the air conditioner Auto diagnosis For any abnormal function or failure After a fixed interval of time and auto reset itself. In case of any error, it automatically switches off the compressor and other electric motors for safety and protection. An error or protection code is automatically displayed on the indoor unit.

3D flow, louvers in this air conditioner are able to move in both horizontal and vertical directions, thereby providing cool air in each and every corner of the room, and helps in quick and uniform cooling of the room leaving no hot pockets in the room.

Inner grooved copper tubes, High quality inner grooved copper tubes enable the faster refrigerant flow. This enhances heat exchange efficiency compared to traditional smooth copper tubes.


Voltas 185V JZJ Verdict


  • Voltage reliability
  • Lots and lots of features
  • Affordable price for a 5 Star inverter air conditioner
  • 100% copper used in cooling parts
  • Wide voltage operating range
  • Environment-friendly advanced r32 refrigerant
  • High ambient  temperature cooling
  • Reliable Voltas Service network


  • Cooling capacity not expandable
  • No pm 2.5 filter

Final words

This 5-star inverter air conditioner from India’s number one selling air conditioning brand Voltas has lots and lots of features. The USP of this air conditioner, however, is its affordable price for the kind of product it offers, compared to other brands. If you are looking for reliable and affordable inverter air conditioner from Voltas, this is perhaps the most recommended buy. You can definitely check it out.


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